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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Groups

Spring 2021

8 Week Adult Group

Facilitated by Kirsten Donaldson, LMHCA


Date: May 12 - June 30, 2021

Time: Wednesdays - 6-7:30pm

Format: Online via Google Meet

Cost: $240, payment plan available

12 Week Adolescent Group

Facilitated by Grace Hanson, LMHCA


Date: April 5 - June 28, 2021

Time: Mondays - 6-7:30 pm

Format: In person - Greenwood (435 E Main St, Suite 200)

Cost: $360 + book*, payment plan available

*Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training with Adolescents by Jean Eich

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, is an evidence-based therapy designed to help people manage intense emotions, impulsive behaviors and difficult relationships. It was originally developed to help individuals who were suicidal or self-injured, but since then we have learned that DBT skills can help people with a lot of different problems, including those with addiction, eating disorders and emotional dysregulation. DBT skills are practical strategies to help people settle down, communicate more effectively, tolerate distress or discomfort, and better manage their emotions.

What ages are the groups for?

We offer groups for adults (age 18 and up) and adolescents (ages 13-17).

What is the class format?

Adult groups meet online using Google Meet and adolescent groups are in person. Groups meet once weekly and homework assignments are provided.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $360 for twelve week groups and $240 for eight week groups. Payment plans are available.

I am ready to register - what do I need to do?

Give us a call at 317-743-8202 or email to let us know. We will contact you to schedule your initial evaluation. Participants are required to be in individual therapy with a DBT therapist. If you do not have one, we are happy to provide referrals.