ways we can help

We provide mental health counseling services and group therapy for individuals, couples and families -- for all ages and stages of life. Depending on your availability, in many cases, we can schedule your first appointment within one week of your first phone call.
Currently, we are in network with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and CareSource (offered through the marketplace).
We do have sliding scale slots available for those who need this assistance.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 317-743-8202.
Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are available for children, adolescents and adults. Evening and daytime slots are available, and sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis, at least at the beginning.

Some of the areas we specialize in include trauma therapy/EMDR, treating individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, providing support for parents and caregivers, as well as helping children and adolescents navigate changes and transitions in their lives. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a powerful agent of change. The group dynamic - because there are different participants - enable us to practice new skills in the safety of the therapeutic environment. We can then take those skills and use them in the "real world" with much more confidence.

Currently, we offer DBT groups for adolescents and adults. For more information, click here.

Family Therapy

None of us exists in a vacuum -- we are a product of our family. They influence us and we influence them. Therefore, family therapy sessions are very often an integral part to an individual's healing. 

Through family therapy sessions we can work on improving communication, boundaries and interpersonal dynamics. 

When families learn and practice the skills together, everyone can experience a greater sense of security and well-being in the family relationship.


As our society becomes more and more mobile, teletherapy (via video) sessions can be a convenient and effective way to receive care. Teletherapy sessions are conducted via a HIPAA-compliant platform using the latest technology so that sessions are secure and effective.

Several of our therapists provide teletherapy. If you are interested, please mention this in your phone call or email.  Many insurance policies do cover teletherapy services.