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Joanna Bloss, LMHC, LCPC

“Hi! Let me start by saying I am so glad you're here. I know how hard it is to begin the counseling process - even picking up the phone to make the first call can be a little anxiety provoking. I hope to help alleviate some of that anxiety by introducing myself.

I graduated from Roosevelt University (Chicago) in 2011 with a Master's degree in Clinical Professional Psychology. Before that, I did a LOT of stuff - but mostly focused on raising my four wonderful children.

My first foray into behavioral health (after internship) was working in an inpatient psychiatric unit. This was a highly educational experience -- I think I learned as much on the job as I did in all my schooling. Eventually I transitioned into the role of Case Therapist, where I provided traditional counseling services in a hospital-based setting.


In 2013 I branched out semi-on my own and have worked independently at least part time ever since. In May of 2018 my youngest daughter graduated from high school, and I packed up and moved to Greenwood to be closer to my extended family. I am thrilled to be launching into the world of group practice, and so far, my experience has been very positive. 

My professional experience includes working with individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and teaching DBT skills. I ran several DBT skills groups at the hospital where I worked and eventually wrote my own curriculum to use in the courses I teach. I have worked with many health care providers on the front lines of care and in that work I began to see how much trauma (past and present) impacts our daily functioning. As a result, I became interested in EMDR, and am now Level 2 EMDR trained. I have found this to be an incredibly effective addition to my repertoire and have seen many of my clients benefit from this intervention.

When I am not working or enjoying time with my now grown children, I like to write, read fiction, take walks and hang out with my Husky-mix, Rory. I also enjoy crafting and wandering around flea markets and antique stores. My craft room is definitely bigger than my office!

I look forward to talking with you.