Aaron Gardner, LMHC


Effective counseling is all about connection.  We seek to be understood, to be known, and to share life with someone else.  We are the stories we tell and the meaning that those stories convey is how we understand ourselves and relate to others.


Counseling provides a safe place to try out ways of connecting with another person, with ourselves, and with our world without fear of hurting others or our own reputation in the process.  Research consistently suggests that the most important factor in a counseling experience is the relationship that develops between counselor and client.

I have worked with CEOs, television producers, factory workers, pastors, and teachers for over 15 years, which means I am sure that we can work well together.  Using a variety of techniques including DBT and CBT, my experience has helped me cultivate a strategy of tailoring counseling to each person while using tried methods to nurture both coping and healing.  Ultimately it is not about what works for the majority, but what works for you!  


In our initial session and throughout the process I will take time to fully explain the methods and the expected results to help you feel comfortable with the process.  The result: a strong rapport and connection that helps each client draw connections in themselves to help deepen connections with others to achieve greater joy and satisfaction in life.

Virtual Sessions: For 10 years I worked for WebMD as a virtual counselor.  With video conferencing a counseling session is as close as the nearest private room.  Ask about how you can take advantage of time in your day to have a session without the hassle of a commute to the office.